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Spanish & English /16/Perú
1. Junio 2014

I live in Perú ,I’m 17 and in my country the Congress is ” discussing ” to approve or not to approve a law that permit gay marriage.

And I feel shame of my country because so many people here is homophobic.I read the comments on the internet  or listen  to people on the radio, TV or the bus and even my own grandmom and it so sad and annoying that people still think that the person  you love defines who you are. And that if you are a girl and you love a girl your something like a demond, or if you are a boy and you love a boys you’re immmoral. 

That’s not true.

You’re are who you’re, no matter where you live, the way you wear, the way you think. AND NOBODY  HAVE THE RIGTH TO CHANGE YOU OR TO MAKE YOU FEEL MISERABLE AND UNCOMFORTABLE. Don’t let people to limit you.


People should  marriage with people they love, if Catholic Church or another institucion doesnt alow it, well that  doesn’t matter! Dont get married in a church! It’s not logical either. There are better ways to celebrate love . Just love who you love, don’t listen to people who criticize you, don’t respond them , don’t change what you are are to make other people  ”happy” or to be accepted. iF SOMEBODY DON’T ACCEPT YOU, HE/SHE IS NOT YOUR FRIEND , YOU DON’T NEED TO CONSIDER THEIR OPINIONS.







Everybody should have same rigths  but if you’re gay , lesbian or a person  limited by others I WANT YOU TO BE STRONG ,  there will always somebody  that will try to control, censor or  disapprove you.

And it’s not easy but you have to carry on with your life, trust in people undestand you, trust in friends, never give up, never go to cover you or cry when somebody  make you feel bad, NEVER HURT YOURSELF.


There’s nothing wrong with you and homophobic people will have to understand it someday.They have been consumed by prejudices in our society.

Watch this:





i think about this video almost every day and i am so frightened of it

I have so many questions

I used to get these all the time when I was younger. There were all sorts of types too. Like cake, icecream, and sushi.

there’s only one explanation: japanese people

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